Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Speed painted Cairn Wraith

Age of Sigmar is upon us, and while I'm yet to form an opinion from a real game, I'm more hyped about it than expected. For now, I'm down with a summer-flu, however, so I decided to take a spare base from Warmachine and paint some Warhammer again. It's been way too long since I tried that, and since I plan to play Vampire Counts in the new edition (HUSH! It's NOT a new edition!!) I went for a speed-painted Cairn Wraith on a round base. Neat, huh?

Base-size apparently doesn't matter much in AoS, but I remain skeptical. In this regard, the Cairn Wraith is a solo, so this seemed fine. I believe you're shafting yourself by putting all of your models on round bases, even though it sure looks way better than the square ones. Round bases don't tend to make as much contact as the square ones, so unless your units have reach, piling them up doesn't seem like a way to go with round bases. I imagine zombies and skavens especially will feel the hit in this regard.

Ah well, we'll see.

As said, I speed painted this guy. Not really sure what the official timer for speed painting is, but this one took two hours. I think that's fair.

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