Friday, July 3, 2015

A Nerd in Fitness 5 - Six weeks of running

This Tuesday (the 30th of June) it occurred to me that I'm officially through half of my running-program. The first six weeks of 12 are now completed, leaving me with a neat score of running 10+1 minutes! Neat, if I say so myself!

It's kind of funny to think about my first night of running, 1½ month ago, and my dread when I realized I was going to run for three minutes straight.

So much has happened since then. And I thought it'd be proper to sit down this day, and talk a bit about my eight rule of running.

Running Rule #8 : Rejoice in victory and make it count!

When I first began my new life-style, I decided to keep eyes on the prize and let nothing else matter. Small victories were 'irrelevant' and for the weak of motivation. I've come to realize they matter a lot. Otherwise, I'd simply go nuts from pessimism about not reaching my goals within a month. So let's have a look at this.

Muscles and condition – for the power of Greyskull!
At this time of writing, I've been at this stuff for about 1½ month, as said. When I say 'Stuff' I also refer to my weekly visits to the local gym with a friend, in which we work out, focusing on pure burning off calories. In this regard, I'm kind of blessed from mother nature, in that my body is somewhat muscular and has a good foundation for growing and developing. Compared to some of my friends, who have struggled for years to grow anything remotely impressive, I've started to see hard muscles grow, especially on my upper-arms, torso and legs.
And I mean; man, those legs are friggin pumped right now.

Not only does it look nice; it's handy as hell whenever I'm putting a strain on myself. During the last week, we've been out in the Summer, walking places and going to a theme park, and I feel my body going stronger than before. I can walk all day now without being sore and I rarely need to stop and catch my breath or even have pauses at all.

This applies to more than one area of my life. I'm not going into details here.
I'm sure you can figure out the rest yourself.

Carrying home bags from the grocer has never been easier, either.

Weight – Dropping in size-category. Size-bonus to Armor Class is nice!
Feeling so much better about myself, I've started going around topless a lot more. The other day I was out in the sun, noticed my shadow and for a second didn't really believe it. In I went to have a proper look in the mirror, realizing things had indeed changed.

I suppose we are all unique in the way we drop weight; in my case it has been massive around my waist, ribs and hips. I'd still love more around the chest, in order to see the muscles, and I'm hopeful in that regard, seeing how far it has improved already.

I'm not sure what's the norm. Neither have I been measured one single time during all this. I just see what happens to me, and it looks good. Really good, and darn amazing how quickly my body is starting to adapt to the new life-style. One thing I remember my father telling me, back when he was still alive, was that I ought to try this out, because he believed I could pull it far.
Well, seems like he wasn't entirely off. Guess we'll have to wait and see how far it goes.

I bought this t-shirt for myself last week. It's a size Large. The first Large I've bought in years.

Back in the days (read: a year ago) the summer was hot. Really, really hot. And I used to sweat a lot, no matter what I did. I tried so many options, but no matter what, sweat would drizzle off me in a drastic pace, as soon as the sun was out. This meant I would usually sit down, in silence indoors, and do nothing but, say, read.
I became grumpy, both because of being hot and frustration about my body being so troublesome.

This has changed, and is likely the most surprising result of my project.
The Danish summer is hot again, this year, and while, yes; I sweat, I'm on the same level as everyone else. It's on my brow, I feel warm but I cope and can join up with the rest. It's like my body disposes much more efficiently of the excess heat than ever before. Perhaps it's used to being warm from workout; I'm not sure. But it makes me so happy to finally be able to live through this.

So, with those results in house, I begin the second half of the program. Today, I went for the first run of 6+5, which, in six weeks, will hopefully end up in 30 minutes of pure running. While the weather is hot and grants me disadvantage on those endurance rolls, I'm up for it more than ever!

Let's roll!

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